You could still be owed money through the ‘Plevin’ ruling

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By Dan Pryer Editor-in-chief - MoneyBot
Remember the initials of an insurance policy that began with P and ended in I? Those initials seem to be etched into our minds when we think of the word – claim.

It was a form of income protection insurance that was mis-sold many moons ago to customers who had it across the UK.

The deadline for claiming was back in 2019, meaning you could no longer submit a claim against the mis-selling of the product.

But if you missed the boat… don’t worry.

You could be due money back from a ruling called ‘Plevin’

Many lenders have failed to disclose high-level commission payments they earned from monthly premiums on payment protection insurance.

If it wasn’t explained to you that over 50% of premiums that you paid every month went as commission to the lender or bank, then you could be entitled to a percentage back.

In 2014, a court ruling heard that customer Susan Plevin had been treated unfairly because she wasn’t told about a large amount of money taken from her premiums. The figure was a staggering 71.8%.

Let’s be clear on one thing – you don’t need to have been mis-sold it in the past, you simply need to have had a policy.

You simply need to have had a policy

Whilst the old criteria states you need to have been mis-sold the product before submitting a complaint, this time around, you simply just need to have had it.

If you had a policy sold to you:

  • Before 6 April 2007, and had that policy open after 6 April 2008
  • Or sold a policy after 6 April 2007

Then you could be eligible for compensation.

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